Sunset Campground Offsite Partnership

Sunset Campground is pleased to enchance your Vacation experinces by forging alliances with other toursim operator to be able to offer our guests with vauled discounts.

CROSSFIRE Adventure Paintball

8863 Cavendish Road, Route 6, Cavendish, PE

[email protected]


Sunset Campground is excited to have our partnership with Crossfire Adventure Paintball. 

PEI's largest and most realistic Scenario Paintball arena is decked out with an authentic World War 2 atmosphere, antique military vehicles, & more than 60 detailed European-style buildings. If you've never played paintball, this is the place to start. If you're already a paintball veteran, you'll find Crossfire as fun and challenging as it gets.

Choose from Regular paintball, Low Impact paintball or our new Bazooka Ball.

 This exciting oppertunity offers our campers an avenue of fun for ages 6 years old and up.

Are you looking for that ultimate fun, exhilarating experince, this is it. Sunset Campground guests can enjoy a 20% of your CROSSFIRE Adventure Package.

Guests can head over to the Recreation Center and see the staff there to recieve their 20% off tokens.